Aims to Help Enhance
The Human Conditions of Immigrants & Migrants
in South Florida

Our Mission Statement

Community Rehabilitation and Resources Center (CRRC), Inc. aims to  help Immigrants and migrants, who are some of the most under served and vulnerable people in our communities.

We have made a commitment to help reduce juvenile delinquency and family violence in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties, FL. Through intervention and proactive prevention, extensive community education, and assistance for victims and their families. 

With your support and help,  Community Rehabilitation and Resources Center (CRRC), Inc. will continue doing this work, and help these communities. It is our mission, to serve the cause of vulnerable people, and help make lives better, once day at a time. 

Foreign Languages

Available to kids, youth, and adults. Fundamentals of the French/Creole language emphasizes grammar, composition, conversation, listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Domestic Violence Intervention

A 26-week court and Community Services Bureau (CSB) approved intervention program for male and female perpetrators of domestic violence.


Child Abuse prevention and Intervention

The program focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being of children, creating stable living environments, establishing a permanent residence for each child, and creating a community- based support system.

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Intervention

Angels’ Club is committed to helping young kids glorify and honor God, developing their talent, being successful in their studies.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Trained mediators sit down with you and the other party for a problem-solving session.

Who We Are

Community Rehabilitation and Resources Center (CRRC), Inc. is a non-profit organization involved in preventing and combating juvenile delinquency and family violence in society.

This organization works to enhance the social problems in Florida, particularly in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties. CRRC, Inc. promises to build partnerships in these Counties and deliver services to children, families, and individuals that resolve problems, increase skills, and nurture self-reliance. Assistance is offered regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, and/or ability to pay. It also promises to assist people in need especially the youth in order to improve their lives, behaviors, medical conditions, and knowledge. Therefore, Community Rehabilitation and Resources Center (CRRC), Inc. intends to be a bridge between youth and the services that they require, regrouping all experts in different fields in other to help the community find services adequately and regularly and to allow experts to accomplish and execute their duties.

To do so, CRRC, Inc. would like to partner with all significant groups in society such as families, schools, individuals, community groups, churches, governments, and businesses.


Translation and Interpreting


Elderly Assistance


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